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Default Re: Wanted: ZF 6 speed trans!

Originally Posted by CitroŽnbender View Post
Where are you located, whatís the failure that requires a whole replacement?

People like GT Legend can advise per VIN on the software strategy (tear tag) details if you seek a near drop-in replacement, else youíll need to transplant your mechatronics unit or have one re-flashed.
So long story short Iím in rural NSW
Itís been milkshaked for quite some time from the previous owner I bought it damaged and as far as I understand once milkshaked itís completely screwed and no guarantees it will last from a rebuild..
being rural thereís not many places close I can go to get any work done and the car itself being off the road makes this difficult.
So my reasoning for a new transmission is I could chase one up, replace and get back roadworthy!
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