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Post SOLVED: Poor AM Radio Reception

I wanted to share at least one fix for poor AM Radio reception.

Judging by the number of hits I got on google and forum searches . . . this is a relatively common issue for later model Mondeos.

In my case - the cause was poor connections on the AM/FM antenna amplifier.
This amplifier is located under a plastic pull-off panel on the top interior of the hatch door (boot lid). In my case there where two separate issues:

1. The phantom power connector (+12V) was barely holding on (I assume this works loose due to the percussive impact of closing the hatch over many years)
2. The bolted earth connection was not clean

I have highlighted the two connectors in the attached picture. I cleaned them both with 600 wet-and-dry sandpaper and wiped clean with isopropyl alcohol. In the case of the bolted connection - clean the bolt AND the tab from the amplifier unit. Be thorough. I avoid using contact cleaners these days but use whatever cleaning agent you trust.

AM reception has returned to full strength. Night and Day difference.

Hope this helps someone . . . share your experiences.
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